Meeting, Sept. 20, 2007

New Mexico Tech Alumni Association
Board of Directors Meeting
September 20, 2007

Present: Geza Keller, Louise Chamberlin, Navid Mojtabai, Dylan Merrigan, Earl Eiland, Edie Steinhoff, Brett Wendt

Associate members present: Carol Lynn Tiegs, Cheryl Pulaski

Absent: Ray Bellande, Tom Dillon, Linda Gonzales Charlie Goodman, Paul Shoemaker

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m. with a roll call. Teleconferencing technology problems prevented Ray, Tom and Paul from attending.

Members are asked to respond electronically to a motion by Geza Keller, seconded by Edie Steinhoff nominating Brett Wendt as vice-president/president elect.

The board consensus is to postpone appointment of a Nominating Committee until after the Annual General Meeting. It was agreed that the committee should incorporate continuity with the past board.

The budget was discussed with the consensus that it is a work in progress.
Dues Structure:

Members are asked to respond electronically to a motion by Geza Keller, seconded by Louise Chamberlin to adopt the following dues structure, effective January 1, 2008, and incorporate a provision waiving dues for members who pay and equivalent amount to attend an alumni association meeting and enroll there in the association.

  • Annual: $30/individual or $50/alumni couple (stays at current level);
  • Five-year: $135/individual or $245/alumni couple (new);
  • 10-year: $255/individual or $475/alumni couple (new);
  • Lifetime: $500/individual or $875/alumni couple (currently $200/$350);
  • Scholarship Benefactor - $125/year - $100 goes to scholarship fund (new)

Student Association (SA) Report

  • Dylan Merrigan, vice president of the Student Association, indicated that the SA is submitting a proposal to the Graduate Student Association for funding.
  • There are now 53 clubs on campus. Alumni can, and do, participate in clubs.
  • Brett raised the desire to help alumni understand their role as alumni within student activities, and said this was a good means of alumni/student interaction.

Graduate Student Association (GSA) Report

  • Earl Eiland reported that GSA is asking the SA to present a budget proposal use of funds.
  • Using monies from an alumni gift, the GSA helps fund graduate student research expenses.
  • The GSA has allotted $7,000 for graduate students to attend professional conferences.
  • The Annual Student Research Conference is jointly funded by GSA and Tech administration. The Alumni Association could help with workshops and judging.

Voting Mechanism

  • Carol Lynn reported that ISD has a good program on banweb. In order to use it, we need to obtain Banner numbers for all board members from the Registrars Office. Carol Lynn has put in a request to the Registrar.
  • Brett has donated $10 to create the Web domain nmtechalumni.com. He hasn’t found a voting form yet, but hopes to create a page that Google will accept and that would allow for voting and discussion.
  • Earl suggested that it might be possible to get a student or class to take this on as a project, or to set up a competition.
  • Carol Lynn will continue to pursue this with the Registrar and ISD.


  • There are 14 people signed up for both the MRO and the EMRTC tours.
  • Many people, especially locals and members of the rugby and soccer clubs, just turn up.
  • A mailing will go out next week.

On a motion by Geza, seconded by Brett, the meeting adjourned at 4 15 p.m.

Carol Lynn Tiegs
For Louise Chamberlin
Ballot responses:
Brett’s Nomination     Aye     Nay     Abstain
Ray                           X           
Earl                           X           
Geza                         X           
Brett                                                X
Linda                         X           
Louise                        X           
Navid                         X           
Tom                          X           
Paul                           X           
Edie                           X           

Dues Structure     Aye     No     Abstain
Ray                      X           
Earl                      X           
Geza                    X           
Brett                    X           
Linda                              X     
Louise                  X           
Navid                   X           
Tom                    X           
Paul                     X           
Edie                     X