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NMT Counseling and Disability Services

University students encounter a variety of challenges during their years of study. They face the tasks of separating from their families, establishing themselves as independent adults, learning life skills, developing new and closer relationships, and defining and committing themselves to a career. Older students may face some of the same challenges, while also managing the responsibilities of work and more permanent relationships. The Office of Counseling and Disability Services (OCDS) offers counseling to help students to deal more effectively with these challenges as well as aid them in their personal development during their years of study. 

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Disability Services arranges academic accommodations for students who have documented disabilities that affect their ability to participate on an equal basis with students who do not have disabilities. OCDS works with students to provide accessible programs, services, and reasonable accommodations for any student with a documented, qualifying disability.  NMT will make every effort to provide accommodations to meet your needs on an individualized basis.  Students with sensory, mobility, learning, psychological, or other recognized disabilities are encouraged to contact us at anytime.   

OCDS is located in the Fidel Center on the 1st floor, with the entrance outside of the building on the NW side of the building, adjacent to Workman.