"Bright Sky, Dark Sky"

The four corners states (New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah) are known for their beautiful blue skies. In addition serving as a source of inspiration and beauty, the skies are a great asset to be protected. Vibrant dark skies at night make this an excellent area for astronomical observations and stargazing.

Image of No More Dark Sky

No More Dark Sky

Shannon Conley, Moore, OK
Art Quilt, 42″H x 28″W, $900

Light pollution is an ever increasing problem, as human-generated light obscures views of the night sky. Bright sparkling stars become less and less visible amid the never dark, urban light which colors our skies a pervasive muddy brown. In addition to obscuring our view of the stars, this light pollution truly is pollution; impairing astronomical observations, interfering with ecosystems, and disrupting the critical circadian rhythms of plant and animal life.

Photo credit: Doug Conley

Image of "Tres Lunas" quilt - three moons against a black night sky.

Tres Lunas

Diana Fox, Parker, CO
Art Quilt, 25″H x 37″W, $500

In anticipation of the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on December 21, 2020, the idea for this piece came to mind. Both planets and several of their largest moons would be visible in the same field of view, an event that had not occurred for centuries. The actual event was a marvel to observe as the planets appeared spectacularly close together. The blessing of a cloudless night was the icing on the cake. 

Photo credit: Richard Garduno 

Image of the "Let There be Light" art quilt.

Let There Be Light

Michelle Jackson, Sandia Park, NM
Art Quilt, 36″H x 36″W, $1500

There is nothing like that time of early morning when there is that first light, a new day.

Image of "The Sky According to the Forest" art quilt

The Sky According to the Forest

Anne Moats, Bisbee, AZ
Art Quilt, 38″H x 39″W, $800

"The Sky According to the Forest" is my stylized version of my view, as a ground-dwelling hiker, of the forest "sky" while looking up.

Photo credit: Stacie Moats 

Image of "Are the Stars Out" art quilt

Are the Stars Out?

Vicki Conley, Ruidoso Downs, NM
Art Quilt, 40″H x 47″W, $2000

We tend to take the stars for granted during the day and often hear the phrase “Are the stars out tonight?” They are always there giving a sense of perspective to our smallness in the universe. Here in the southwest we are fortunate to have bright clear skies in the day and very dark skies at night. What do you see in the stars?

Photo credit: Doug Conley

Image of "Reflections" art quilt


Nicole Dunn, Albuquerque, NM
Art Quilt, 43″H x 50″W, $800

So many of our New Mexican sunsets are spectacular, bold and bright. When you catch it reflected in a pool of water, whether an eddy of the Rio Grande or a simple puddle after our elusive rains, its even better. I never tire of watching every sunset at every opportunity.

Image of "Reach for the Stars" art quilt

Reaching For the Stars

Debra Goley, Goodyear, AZ
Art Quilt, 45″H x 31″W, $1100

Arizona is home to more certified Dark Sky Places than anywhere else in the world. No country outside the U.S. can rival the state's 16 dark-sky communities, places, and parks. I chose to depict our dark skies at dusk and with the aid of my son's hand to point out the constellations, find the Christmas Star and make a wish. Reaching out, pointing to, and connecting the dots.

Image of "Miracle of Infinitude" art quilt

Miracle of Infinitude

Betty Hahn, Sun City, AZ
Art Quilt, 27″H x 37″W, $1800

Cycles of night and day have inspired eons of living creatures. Some are night creatures, some day...all are affected by the sky.

Image of "Dark Sky" art quilt

Dark Sky

Bev Haring, Longmont, CO
Art Quilt, 32″H x 23″W, $750

2020 has been a dark year, but even at night there is a bit of light.

Image of "Desert Sun" art quilt

Desert Sun

Sandra Hoefner, Grand Junction, CO
Art Quilt, 24″H x 24″W, $500

Awakening in the early morning, I see a greenish-yellow stripe along the horizon. That's what I put into the image on this quilt along with the vertical thrust of rock formations in our nearby Colorado National Monument.

Image for "Sun Rain" art quilt

Sun Rain

Frances Murphy, Surprise, AZ
Art Quilt, 31″H x 25″W, $900

The phenomenon of what I call "Sun Rain" has always fascinated me--especially when it happens in the desert. Bright skies, few clouds and rain! Blessed rain! Something we've see far too little of in 2020.

Image of "Fireworks Finale" art quilt

Fireworks Finale

Lynn Welsch, Mimbres, NM
Art Quilt, 25″H x 23″W, $800

Waiting in the dark for fireworks to light up the sky is a childhood pleasure that I have carried into adulthood. And the best part of the fireworks, of course, is the finale!