Requirements for International Students To Obtain a Social Security Card

Requirements for International Students To Obtain a Social Security Card

International students in F1 status must have a campus job or job offer before they apply for a Social Security Card and provide proof that they are so employed when they submit their application for the card.

This proof must come in the form of a memo -- on your official department letterhead -- certifying that the student is or will soon be employed in your department.  Attached is a template for this memo, which Social Security has confirmed will meet their requirements.

When you offer a job to an F1 international student, please print out the attached template (.pdf ver) on your department letterhead. The person who prepares and signs the memo should be the person who has authorized the employment, but another person who has direct knowledge of the job or the job offer may sign instead.  Once the top portion of the memo is completed and signed, the student should be instructed to return with the memo to the International Office for DSO (Designated School Official) certification.

Please note that this affects only F1 students who don't yet have a Social Security number; it has no impact on students who have already obtained one.  Also note that your new F1 student employee can be hired and may start working immediately.  Though he/she should apply for the number as soon as possible, there is no need to postpone employment until the SS card is received.

FYI, Social Security personnel from Albuquerque accept SS number applications at the Socorro Senior Citizens Center every second Tuesday morning of the month.  Students need to take with them a completed Application for a Social Security Card, their visa and I-94, passport, all I-20s, and certification of employment. They need to get a receipt when their application is accepted and take it to Sherry Rodriguez in Wells 128 for processing.


updated: 2/4/09