RCN Acceptable Use Policy

1. Anything that will disrupt other peoples’ use of the resources is prohibited.

2. Use of the network to do anything illegal is prohibited. This includes sharing or distributing copyrighted software, copyrighted MP3 files and/or distribution of virus material.

3. Providing services of any kind to off campus is prohibited. This connection is provided for you to use as a client to obtain services provided by non-RCN subscribers. Certain Tech authorized services can be provided, on campus only, for your personal use. Examples of this include ssh, telnet, ftp, and http, so you may access your machine from on campus. Examples of unauthorized services are PC Anywhere and online game servers that are accessible from off campus.

4. Connecting any computer to both a modem and RCN port is prohibited. This includes voice and data services.

5. Use of excessive bandwidth is prohibited. Using 10% of the bandwidth 5% of any given time is considered excessive bandwidth.

6. Use of the network for commercial purposes is prohibited. Running and/or supporting a business from your computer is prohibited.

7. Port scanning is prohibited.

8. Modifying the existing network wiring is prohibited. If you have a problem with your network port, follow these troubleshooting steps or contact ISD at x5700.

9. Use of any additional networking equipment, such as hubs, switches, routers, wireless hubs, gateways, multiple network cards, address translation, etc. is prohibited.

10. Abusive behavior such as stalking, spamming etc. towards other users is prohibited.

11. The network’s primary objective is to provide students with an educational resource. Online games are not considered educational and they will not be given priority as a network issue.

12. Any rules infraction COULD result in forfeiture of the use of the RCN port (without refund) and/or the denial of the usage of the port in the future.

13. Any inappropriate behavior will be reported to the proper authorities for action.

14. Tampering with / destroying DSL boxes installed in your room may result in a repair fee charged to your student account.

15. Since your TCC email is our primary means of contact, you must have a TCC email account for the length of your connection. If we find that it was been closed or terminated, your port will be disabled until the account is reactivated.

16. We reserve the right to keep a secure infrastructure. This may include port scanning, traffic monitoring and logging, and security/threat analysis.

17. This agreement may be changed at any time by ISD. Check for updates.