PC Specification

We recommend the following configuration as a minimum specification for a PC on the administrative network: (updated as of March 2009)

  • Processor Intel Pentium IV 2.0 GHz or greater
  • Memory (RAM) any 1 GB
  • VGA Video Card,  at least 800x600 with 256 color resolution
  • Ethernet (Network) 100MB or faster
  • Hard Drive any 20 Gigabytes or larger
  • Any basic DVD drive
  • Keyboard any 104 key keyboard
  • Mouse minimum 2 button USB or PS/2 mouse
  • Sound Card Creative Labs Sound Blaster or Sound Blaster compatible
  • Basic speaker system
  • Monitor any 17" CRT (like a TV) or larger, 15" Flat Panel LCD or larger, (or use your existing monitor)
  • Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with NTFS Office Applications.  Microsoft Office 2003 Professional

Extra items that you may want to have with your machine also:

  • DVD-RW Drive:
    A DVD-RW can store 6 times more data than a CD.  Transferring data to a DVD-RW disk can take some time, and possibly special training.
  • Ergonomic Keyboard:
    Microsoft has a Natural Keyboard that is ergonomically friendly.  Many people have liked these keyboards as they can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Microsoft Wheel Mouse:
    Microsoft has a mouse with a Wheel that acts as a 3rd button, and adds an easy way to operate the scroll bars in Windows and on the Internet.
  • Should you purchase extra hardware not preinstalled by the manufacturer, there may be an extra charge for us to install it.

Things to take into consideration:

  • Currently ISD only supports Windows XP and Windows 2000.  Should your PC ship with any other operating system, we will install a supported operating system which may result in an additional cost..
  • If you choose to purchase Office 2007 with your system, we will install Office 2003 so your machine will be compatible with campus.  You will still have the required license so that when we do switch to Office 2007, you will not need to purchase anything new.
  • Most new computers will ship with a new monitor, you may want to opt out of this option if you want to keep your existing monitor.

Ordering your new PC:

  • You can purchase your PC from any vendor, ISD recommends a reputable company such as Dell or HP.  We have had very good results from the Technical Support from these companies, should there be any problems with your PC.
  • Check with the Purchasing Office for the latest information on state contracts.  You may not need to acquire three quotes.
  • Please have your new PC shipped to your office, and then notify ISD at x5700 to initiate a work-order to have your new PC installed.  After we receive the work-order, we will pickup your PC and bring it to our office to install all of the required software.   We do this because the procedure can take a while, and we don't want to be in your way.