Windows XP PEAP, MS-Chapv2

To connect to the wireless using PEAP, MS-Chapv2:

  1. Click on the authentication tab and select Protected EAP (PEAP) and then click properties.

  2. A new dialog will open as shown. Click on the configure button.

  3. Another new dialog will open as shown and you must remove the check box on this dialog.

  4. Click OK, and the window will close.

  5. Click OK on the window shown:

      6. Click OK on the window shown below:

      7. Click OK on the window shown in

        8. Click OK on the window shown below:

       9. Wait until this message appears by the task bar:

        10. Click on the message and a new window will open:

       11. In this window ,enter your BannerID as the username, your Banner password as the password, and leave the domain    information blank and then click OK.

       12.  If this is the first time that you are connecting to the encrypted network this message will appear:

              Click on the message box and a new dialog will appear:

This dialog is informing you that the certificate authority which signed the SSL certificate used by the authentication server is signed by Thawte. Click the OK button to continue with the authentication.

Once the authentication has finished windows will display another message by the task bar as shown in:

Once this has been displayed you can use the wireless system to browse the web and access email like you can in the dorm rooms.

Problems most often found when using Windows and PEAP with MS-CHAPv2:

Password was entered incorrectly or you recently changed your password and you cannot get windows to prompt you to enter the password again.

The windows system will store the password associated with a wireless system no matter what. The only way to get windows to re-prompt for the password is to delete the wireless profile and then click ok.

You then have to go through the steps of adding the wireless profile.