Getting started on the RCN

The RCN is a campus network available to residents in Baca, Driscoll, Fitch, Presidents, South, West, Altamirano, Mountain Springs, and Desert Willow.  It allows residents to connect their computer directly to the campus computer network, and from there into the internet.  Since it accomplishes this through the use of an ethernet card, it is many times faster than a modem and does not require the use of a phone line.  There are two ports in each room of the dorms, allowing both residents of each room to be connected at the same time.  Each bedroom in the Student Apartments has one RCN connection. Desert Willow has multiple ports per unit.

What do I need to connect?

In order to connect to RCN, a user must:

  • Live in Baca, Driscoll, Mountain Springs, President's, South, West, Altamirano, Desert Willow, or the Guest House.
  • Have a computer capable of supporting an ethernet card.  See the Hardware Information page for information on ethernet cards and computers.
  • Have an ethernet card, with a 10-Base-T connection (it looks like a large phone jack). The New Mexico Tech Bookstore may have some available, or you can purchase one at almost any computer store.
  • Have an ethernet jumper or patch cable that will run from the port in the wall to your ethernet card. This cable must be at least Cat-3, but Cat-5 is preferred.  We recommend buying these cables from the Residential Life Office, but they are also available at the NMT bookstore or any computer store.

Before you get connected, check out the Hardware Information page to make sure that your computer meets the minimum suggested requirements.

In order for you to be on the RCN network, you will need to sign the RCN Agreement of Conduct form.  This is part of your Residential Life paperwork.

What's next?

Once you have this information, check out the TCP/IP Installation Guide to configure your network card.

If you are connecting to the wireless network, please check out our Wireless page.  The wireless network is currently available in the following buildings: Fidel, Skeen Library, Weir, Cramer, MSEC (first floor only), Jones, Jones Annex, Speare, Fitch Basement, DWA, Macey lobby, and PRRC.


ITC cannot sell network cards or ethernet cables to users.  You must purchase these items from the Residential Life Office, the bookstore or a computer store.

While almost all types of computers and operating systems are capable of supporting a connection to the RCN, these pages only apply to computers with MacOS 7.1-10.x, Windows 95/98/2000/XP, and Linux.