President's Golf Tournament


2016 President's Golf Tournament 




 Major Sponsors

Platinum: $10,000

City of Socorro 

Chartwells Food Service

Silver: $5,000

Aquatic Consultants/FBT Architects
Risk Sense
Holiday Inn Express
Rich Ford Albuquerque

Daniel H. Lopez
First State Bank
Van and Barbara Romero

Copper: $3,000

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Texas Book Company
Nusenda Credit Union

SV3 Solutions
NMT Golf Shop
George K. Baum Agency

PRISM Analytics Corporation
McClain + Yu Architecture
A1 Quality Redi Mix
Stephen and Beth Wells

Team Sponsor: $1,250

Dr. John Juarez
Joann Salome
Michael Voegerl and Theresa Kappel
Randy Saavedra
Melissa Jaramillo
Sound and Signal
Van and Sandra Gilbert
Bob and Karen Balch
Nowka Leviner
Schroeder Sales, Inc.
Mertain Health
TLC Plumbing
Lala Trujillo Garcia

Aquila & Brocade Networks
Aquila & Checkpoint 
Lonnie Marquez
Sophia's Kitchen
David and Yvonne Manzano
Colleen Foster
Tony Ortiz
Bridgers and Paxton
Keleher and McLeod
Joseph Guy
El Paso Electric
Rich Ford

Cartesian Survey
New Mexico Professional Surveys
Rodey Law Firm
Alex Garcia and Kiane Pound
Aerojet/Rocketdyne (2)
Mike Stanley
Freeport McMoRan
Don and Rosie Tripp
A-T Solutions
Bentley's Auction
Dr. Lorie Liebrock
Rio Grande Travel
Strata Production Co. 

Hole Sponsor: $400


Bubble Machine 

Randy's ACE Hardware

SMPC Architects

Washington Federal 

Dr. Luz Rodriguez and Steve Traver

Jerry Armijo, PA

Dr. Warren Ostergren

Carlos and Angelle Romero

Socorro General Hospital

Steve and Heidi Brown

Sound and Signal Systems

Hinkle Oil and Gas

Southwest Abatement

Cartesian Surveys, INC.  

Aquila & Brocade Networks

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NM

The Rodey Law Firm

Johnson, Marcou & Issacs


Aqua Tech Services, Inc.

Dennis Engineering Co. 

Atkinson & Co. PA

Chuck's Folly

Aquila & Checkpoint

Peter Mozely

Merrion Oil and Gas

 Single Golfer: $325

Joanna DeBrine
Earl DeBrine
Michael Olguin, Sr. 

Pavilion Construction
Michael Olguin, Jr. 
Loretta Tobin
Vicky Gonzales


  Co-Hole Sponsor: $200

Business Enviroments
Mike and Chelsey Hargather
Kate, Kris and Marley
Soocorro County Chamber of Commerce
Gina Chavez

Jeff Lapierre


Jeff Lapierre

I graduated from NMT in 2015 with a PhD in Physics and dissertation in Atmospheric Physics. My research involved observational studies of lightning physics as part of the Langmuir Laboratory for Atmospheric Research. NMT provided a great environment so that I could effectively launch my academic career. However, throughout my degree, my adviser's funding was not consistent. Therefore much of my graduate funding came from multiple sources (i.e., teaching and other research projects). During the last semester of my PhD, my adviser's funding finally ran out and there were no other funding sources available to me. Luckily, the President's Tuition Assistance fund was able to help me out so that I could finish my degree without worrying about funding. This was at a crucial time in my degree when I was in the heat of completing my dissertation and getting ready to defend my research. 

I am now a postdoc at the University of Virginia in the Environmental Sciences department. My research focuses on better understanding the production of nitrogen oxides due to lightning (LNOx). LNOx influences atmospheric oxidation chemistry and drives ozone production. Accurate, process-driven constraints on LNOx are required to understand the global ozone burden. Know that donations to the President's Tuition Assistance fund, you are helping further our understanding of the world. If you have donated or plan to donate to NMT, I would like to thank you for your generosity.


Maya Ruiz



Maria Ruiz Maya

Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of receiving financial aid from the President’s Tuition Assistance Fund. This aid has significantly helped me to continue my college education while also pursuing internships and research opportunities. I am an international student from Mexico working towards a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.  I also work part-time at the Department of Budget and Analysis. Without this fund, I would not be able to focus my time on my studies, and it would be more difficult to maintain a good academic standing. It has also greatly alleviated my family's financial burden. My parents live in Mexico, and our economy has been unstable. The Mexican Peso’s value has been continuously devalued against the U.S dollar making it even harder for my parents to pay for my expenses. I feel truly honored and am incredibly grateful for this assistance. I want to thank to the donors of the program for your help and generosity!