The Warehouse Supervisor oversees two Warehouse Helpers and the Shipping and Receiving Clerk. The primary function of the Warehouse is to stock the many and varied maintenance and repair parts needed to keep the campus operating at all times. The Warehouse stocks over 4,000 items and a minimal amount of office supplies to meet Facilities Management's administrative needs.

Warehouse Supervisor

Frances R. Smith

Warehouse duties include

  • Perform a daily perpetual inventory count of 35 to 40 stock items to ensure inventory is as accurate as possible
  • Perform system maintenance, including double-checking items with a zero or negative-quantity on hand
  • Deliver bottled gas cylinders on campus
  • Table and chair delivery (university-sponsored functions only)
  • Follow up on stock outage information provided by various Facilities Management trades groups
  • Count all items on the reorder list to ensure reorder accuracy
  • Receive shipments from vendors and other common carriers
  • Receive shipments from common carriers to other institute departments when central receiving personnel are not available


For inquires please contact the Warehouse at: 835-5844





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