Master of Science in Materials Engineering

  • Professors: G. Bond, Hirschfeld (Chair of the Department), Inal, Lu, McCoy
  • Associate Professors: Burleigh, Fuierer , Majumdar
  • Assistant Professor: Kalugin
  • Adjunct Faculty: Adolph, Browning, Curro, Doughty, Hockensmith, Jacobson, Lowe, Ravi, Romig, Sickafus, M. Smith

The student’s course of study must be approved by the student’s advisory committee and must fulfill the general requirements for the master’s degree and must include MATE/METE 591 (thesis). No more than three credit hours of directed study can be used to satisfy the course work requirements.

Students must take MATE 592 each semester offered if the student is in residence. Distance-education students will be required to document conference participation in lieu of this requirement. Only one credit of MATE 592 may be used to fulfill degree requirements.

Independent Study Option

A student may petition the department with the approval of the faculty to pursue a Master of Science degree with an independent study option. Candidates for the non-thesis Master of Science option must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of which 3 credit hours must be independent study and a minimum of 18 credit hours must be 400-500 level Materials or Metallurgical Engineering courses. The student’s course of study must be approved by the student’s advisor committee and must fulfill the other requirements of the MS degree with the exception of the 6 credit hours of thesis.