Master of Engineering Management

  • Professors: Colbaugh, Sueyoshi
  • Associate Professors: Anselmo (Chair of the Department) Stuteville
  • Visiting Assistant Professor: Ulibarri
  • Adjunct Faculty: Mazumdar, Ostergren, Peterson

The New Mexico Tech Master of Engineering Management (MEM) graduate program is designed to provide working engineers and applied scientists with a terminal degree in Engineering Management. The curriculum is designed to be innovative and deliverable both on campus and in other areas of New Mexico live via interactive webcasts and everywhere else via Internet streaming. Qualified students at any location may enroll and receive the program through the Internet and/or mailed copies of lectures and course materials. New Mexico Tech developed the Engineering Management program since most engineers eventually have the opportunity to become managers, and many undergraduate engineering and applied science programs do very little to prepare their graduates for that career event.

Admission to the Program

Entrance into the MEM program in the New Mexico Tech Management Department requires competence in engineering, science and mathematics comparable to a calculus-based bachelor of science degree in an engineering or applied science discipline. Preference for limited program slots will be given to individuals with at least 2 years work experience in either engineering or applied science. A committee of New Mexico Tech Management and Engineering faculty will evaluate program applicants, and the Management Department chair will review and finalize committee recommendations. Each student is responsible for forming a graduate committee during the first semester of full-time study or before the end of the second semester of part-time coursework.

For complete information on applying to the MEM Program, please consult the Student Catalog.

Graduate Advisory Committee

Participants will form a three-member committee that will be composed of at least one New Mexico Tech faculty member and two other qualified individuals. Examples of qualified individuals include faculty members at New Mexico Tech, faculty members at other higher-education institutions, workplace supervisors, and/or professional peers. In the case where there is only one committee member from the New Mexico Tech faculty, that individual will serve as committee chair. If there are more than one New Mexico Tech faculty members on the student’s project committee, the student
will select a chair.

The primary roles of the committee will be to assist the student in selection of an elective sequence and to advise and approve the required final project.

Program Requirements

A total of 30 credit hours, including the following courses, is required for the MEM degree:

  • Core (21): EMGT 501 (3), 502 (3), 503 (3), 505 (3), 506(3), 508 (3); MATH 585 (3)
  • Electives (6): Example sequences are EMGT 511 (3) and 512 (3) or EMGT 521 (3) and 522 (3)
  • EMGT 590 (3)

The purpose of the core is to provide foundations in quantitative and qualitative methods that will assist the practicing (or aspiring-to-practice) engineer in a changing technological and economic environment. The core is designed for engineers and is grounded in the notion that program participants possess the analytical skills associated with a calculus-based undergraduate bachelor of science in engineering.

The minimum of six (6) hours of electives will assist program participants to gain expertise in an area of interest and relevance to their careers. These two courses should be taken as a sequence, and participants may select their sequence after consulting with their faculty advisor(s). The elective sequence may be any approved graduate elective sequence from graduate coursework offered at New Mexico Tech. Students considering elective sequences from other graduate institutions may do in consultation with their New Mexico Tech graduate committee.

The terminal MEM requirement is a final project, culminating in a formal document and presentation to the faculty that is analogous to the Independent Study option currently available to graduate students at New Mexico Tech. Participants will benefit from designing, supervising, and executing a project that will ideally be a workplace application. This experience will aid them throughout their careers as they are faced with the need to resolve critical strategic questions and implement recommended solutions.