I Need Help With...

I need help with... Go see... Phone? Where? E-Mail
Absences Instructor Dept.    
Academic Advising Advisor Dept.    
Academic Counseling CSS x5208 Fidel 275
Advisor Changes CSS x5208 Fidel 275
Address Change Post Office x5119 Fidel 1st Fl.
Affimrative Action Affirm. Action Office x5165 Cramer 228
AIDS Services of NM   1-888-882-2437    
Alcoholics Anonymous Socorro Mental Health 835-2444    
Alumni Relations Rose Baca x5724 Brown 111A
Balloons Smith's Grocery Store      
Birth Control Health Center x5094 Fidel 1st Fl.
Books Bookstore x5415 Fidel 1st Fl.  
Cable TV on Campus Residential Life x5900 Fidel 2nd Fl.
Campus Events Scope
Career Information Career Services x5780 Fidel 2nd Fl.
Check Cashing Cashier x5515 Fidel 2nd Fl.
Name Change Registrar x5000 Fidel 2nd Fl.
Child Care Children's Center x5240 1015 Neel
Clubs & Organizations Student Association x5869
Commencement Info Registrar x5000 Fidel 2nd Fl.
Computer Information TCC Help Desk x5437 Speare 5
Counseling Counseling Office x5443 Fidel 1st Fl.
Degree Plans Department of Major Dept. Dept.  
Disability Services Counseling Office x5443 Fidel 1st Fl.
Dropping Courses Registrar x5000 Brown 100
Eating Disorders Counseling Office x5443 Wells 106
E-Mail Accounts TCC Help Desk x5437 Spear 5
Emergencies Campus Police x5434
Fees, Payments Cashier x5515 Brown 1
Financial Aid Financial Aid Office x5333 Wells 124
Food on Campus Chartwells x5111 SUB  
Grades Registrar x5000 Brown 100
Graduate Degree Graduate Studies x5513 Cramer 214
Illness Health Center x5094 SAC
International Programs Karen Schlue x5022 Wells 109
Keys Campus Police
- Key Control
Library NMT Library x5614
Loan Forms Financial Aid x5333 Wells 124
Lost and Found Campus Police x5434 Campus Police
Minority Programs Admissions Office x5424 Brown 118
Newspapers Paydirt (campus) x5996 SAC
  Defensor Chieftan 835-0520
  Mountain Mail 835-2030
Orientation to NMT Melissa Jaramillo x5060 Wells 111
Performing Arts Ronna Kalish/PAS x5688 Macey 331
Photocopies Library copy machines   Library  
Police Campus Police x5434
Post Office Box Post Office x5360 SUB
Pregnancy Student Health Center x5094 SAC
Rape Campus Police/City Police
Socorro Mental Health
5434 / 911
Records & Transcripts Registrar x5000 Brown 100
Registration Info Registrar x5000 Brown 100
Residence Halls Residential Life x5900 Altimirano 314
Residency Registrar x5000 Brown 100
Resumé Help Career Services x5780 Wells 111
Room Reservation Residential Life x5900 Altimirano 314
Scholarships Financial Aid x5333 Wells 124
Sexual Harassment Affirm. Action Office x5165 Cramer 228
Stress Management Counseling x5443 Wells 106
Student Association        
 -- Graduate SA   x5869 SAC 211
 -- Undergraduate SA   x5869 SAC 211
Student Exchange Karen Schlue x5022 Wells 109
Student Insurance Student Affairs
x5443 Wells 111
Study Skills ARC
x5208 Wells 113
Suicide Counseling Office
Campus Police
Wells 106
Campus Police
TAC # ISD x5700 ISD 101
Transfer Credit Registrar x5000 Brown 100
Tutoring ARC x5208 Wells 113
Vending Machines Auxillary Services x5050 Altimirano 316
Course Withdrawl (W) Registrar x5000 Brown 100
Writing Difficulties Writing Center x5445 Cramer 131
Work Study Financial Aid x5096 Wells 124