Application Information

You are encouraged to use the online applications available here ONLY if you are applying for Spring 2018. Using online applications will represent a significant savings in time and money, particularly for international applicants.  The application fee for Spring 2018 online and downloaded pdf applications for degree-seeking status is $45 U.S. For admission after Spring 2018, all applications are submitted via GradCAS or EngineeringCAS. Fees vary by system and are found in the Centralized Application Systems(CAS) by following the links provided above. 

Application for admission as a Special Graduate Student is free. 

We will accept copies of official documents for application to graduate programs. However, if you are accepted, you must provide official documents (sent directly from the issuing agency), before you will be admitted into any graduate program. Until we receive orginal offical documents that match your submitted copies, you will not be admitted. For international students, please note that your I20 will not be issued until we have original official documents; you must consider this in your application timeline (it could substantially delay your visa) and decision of whether to submit copies or offical documents in your application. 

Complete instructions on what to send and where to send it are included for each application type. If you have problems with any of the online versions please email graduate@nmt.edu . Thank you.


Should I use the International or Domestic application?

In general, citizens of the United States and Legal Permanent Residents of the United States should use the Domestic Application forms. All others should complete the International Application. If you have any question about which application should apply in your case, you can avoid delays in consideration of your application by completing the International Application forms. Although more detailed, this application can be used by either domestic or international applicants.

As long as I have the domestic vs. international part figured out, are all the applications the same?


  • If you are applying for either a masters degree or doctoral program in the sciences or engineering or for the Masters of Engineering Management, use the same application.  Using the online form, select either Graduate Studies - Domestic or Graduate Studies - Internat'l.

  • If you wish to apply for the Masters of Science for Teachers (MST) degree, select Masters of Science for Teachers.

  • If you are interested in taking a few graduate classes, but do not seek admission to a degree program, select Special Graduate - Non-degree. Note that you can only ever apply 12 credits of coursework taken as a Special Graduate to any graduate degree program.

When should I apply?

To be assured of consideration for assistantships and fellowships, completed applications must be received by February 15 for the fall semester and by September 15 for the spring semester. Individual departments may have earlier dates for consideration of assistantships. 
If you are domestic and not concerned with qualifying for financial aid, the deadlines for submission of application materials for admission as a degree-seeking student (even if you are currently a special students) are:

August 1 for Fall semester
January 2 for Spring semester
May 1 for Summer semester 

Applications for admission as a Special Graduate Student are accepted up to the start of classes for which the student will be registered (not to be confused with the "first day of classes").

If you are an international applicant and are not concerned with qualifying for financial aid, the deadline for submission of application materials for admission as a degree-seeking student are:

April 1 for Fall semester
October 1 for Spring semester
March 1 for Summer semester

I'm an international applicant.  What concerns should I have about obtaining a student visa?

There seems to be little consistency among U.S. Consulates regarding how long it will take to get a visa appointment.  We make every effort to provide the information that will maximize the chances that an admittee will receive a visa.  None-the-less, the more time you have after you receive your I-20, the better your chances.  To allow enough time for the admission decision and acquisition of passports and visas, international students are advised to make sure their application, supporting documents, and application fee are in the Graduate Office by the deadlines above.  In some cases, even this early time may be too late.