Wireless FAQ for Macs

What version of Mac O/S do I need to connect?

To be able to use the encrypted wireless network on a Macintosh you need to have at least MacOS X 10.3.x or higher.

What channel do I use to connect to the wireless network?

You need to connect to the NMT-ENCRYPTED-MACOS-WPA-TKIP wireless network as the other encrypted channel will not work on a Mac.

How do I connect to the encrypted network?

  1. Click on the airport icon in the menu bar and select "Turn Airport On" if it isn't already on.

  2. Click on the airport icon in the menu bar and select "Open Internet Connect…" A new window will open:

  3.   If an 802.1x icon isn't present, click on the file menu and select "New 802.1x Connection"

  4. Select the 802.1x Icon

  5. Click on the drop down box next to "Configuration" and select "Edit Configurations"
    A new window will open. In this window enter your BannerID as the username and your Banner password for the password. Remove checks next to all boxes except for the TTLS box. For the wireless network, select "NMT-ENCRYPTED-MACOS-WPA-TKIP". This is shown in the picture below.

  6. Click on TTLS and then click the configure button. A new window will open. Select PAP for the TTLS inner authentication and type your Banner username for the "Outer Identity" field. This is shown in the picture below:

  7. Click OK and the window will now close.

  8. Click OK to close the configuration window. You should now have the window as shown in the picture below:

  9. Click the connect button to start connecting to the network.

  10. A new window will appear the first time you try to connect to the network. This window is telling you about our certificate that issued to the server. The window should look like the one pictured below. Click OK to finish connecting to the network.

  11. When you are connected to the network, it will look like this: