University Announcements

Flags On Display at Fidel Center:

  • Indonesia, Ecuador, Croatia, Costa Rica, Botswana and Bermuda.

New Mexico Tech in the News:

  • National Geographic published an article in the July 2014 edition about the search for life on other planets and in extreme climates on Earth. The article includes comments by Dr. Penny Boston, professor of Earth science at Tech. Click here for the article. 

  • The Albuquerque Journal published an article in the Business Outlook section on Monday, June 30, about a weeklong workshop on commercializing new technologies that occurred at Tech. Click here for the article.
  • The Wall Street Journal published an article online about Tech graduate Tim Oliver being hired by Focus Ventures (Vancouver, B.C.) as director of projects. Oliver graduated in 1976 with a bachelor's in environmental engineering. Click here for the article.

  • The Albuquerque Journal published an article about an environmental engineering research project related to generating electricity from produced water. Click here for the article.
  • Science Daily reported on recent findings about plate tectonics. Recently retired Tech professor Dr. Kent Condie is cited for his research that shows the earth's crust does not move at a static rate. Click here for the report.

  •  New Mexico Tech is hosting the annual July 4 Celebration on Friday. Click here for the preview article.

Items of interest:

  • The dining room at the Fidel Center will maintain the following summer hours:
    • Normal operating hours 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays, 11:30 a.m. to p.m. weekends through July 31, with the exception of July 4th, when the dining room will be closed from 9:30a-4:30p, but will be open for breakfast and dinner.
    • August 1 – August 3, open all 3 meals the 1st and 2nd, breakfast on the 3rd, 2 hours each meal period.
    • August 4- August 15, CLOSED.
  • Fire and Ice coffee shop will be open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday through August 15, and will also resume normal operating hours on August 18.
  • The ongoing construction of the new Bureau of Geology building will necessitate the closure of the sidewalk along Bullock Avenue during working hours. This will remain through the summer. The construction crew will block the areas when they arrive to work and remove them when they finish for the day. The construction crew will also post signs to direct pedestrians to go around to the north side of Bullock keeping them away from the construction area.  This project is scheduled to be completed by spring 2015.

  • What can you do with your empty printer and copier ink cartridges, and the cell phones you're no longer using? Put them in a collection box for the Rotary Club of Socorro. This project is partly community service, to keep the cartridges and phones out of the landfill, and partly an effort to raise funds for Rotary's local, national, and international projects. You will find collection boxes on campus in the Fidel Center, Human Resources, NRAO, MRO, and the Bureau of Geology. You will also see them at various locations around Socorro. Rotary thanks you for your help!
  • The SoLLVE Vanpool Express has one immediate openings for new part or full-time riders. The Socorro-Los Lunas Vanpool Express is a not-for-profit group solely formed to provide transportation between the greater Los Lunas area (including Bosque Farms, Belen and the South Valley of Abq) and Socorro for employees and students of New Mexico Tech, the NRAO, and other local Socorro businesses. We also have a wait-list for people who plan to join at a future date. For more information, visit the SoLLVE website at or contact David McCraw at

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