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Center for Graduate Studies

NMT Grad Student Requirements

Graduate Program Information 

2017-2018 TA/RA Stipend Guidelines (2017-2018 Guidelines for Partial Support)

Proof of employment - required of international students for Social Security Number

Graduate Assistantship Contracts


Contract Cancellation

Prorated Stipend Calculation (for nonstandard duration RA contracts, compute as the fraction of semester)

English Language Requirements

Minimum English Language Requirements for Admission

Minimum English Language Requirement for Teaching Assistantships

TOEFL Policy (PDF)

Graduate Section of the Student Handbook

All graduate students and advisors should read the graduate student guide in the Student Handbook and refer to this for processes to support degree progress and completion. 

Student Handbook (including Graduate Student Guide)


Educational Testing Service (GRE and TOEFL)

GRE for Educators - General resources related to the Graduate Record Examinations for educators. Includes information on:

TOEFL web page - General information TOEFL scores

TOEFL Concordance Tables - compare scores from all three versions of the TOEFL: pbt (paper-based), cbt (computer based) and ibt (internet-based) tests

TOEFL Academic Speaking Test: Setting a Cut Score for International Teaching Assistants

NEW Academic Advisor iThenticate Instructions (DOC File)

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Guidelines


Post available assistantship positions at Graduate Assistantships

Recommendation Letters: information on recommendation letters.


NEW Bringing of Charges Form: Form for reporting Academic Dishonesty cases to Graduate Dean (for graduate cases) or Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs (for undergraduate cases).

Academic Advisor iThenticate Certification: Advisor form used to report iThenticate match result on a student's submitted Thesis or Dissertation.

Academic Advisor iThenticate Instructions

Course Grade Extension Form.

Defense Report / 1 Credit Option Form: Report of a student's defense used to request an 1 Credit semester used to make the prescribed changes.

New Graduate Degree Proposals and Approval Materials

Degree Approval Form (DOC File) (for new graduate program approval).