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Current Graduate Students

The sections of this page are:


Collaboration Room The Center for Graduate Studies Collaboration Room is available to host meetings, e.g., your committee meeting or thesis defense, with both on and off campus participants. Contact us via email or telephone to reserve the space. The distance portal is at and requires Adobe connect. Our staff will assist with testing before your meeting to ensure proper operation for your meeting. 


Internships, Fellowships, and Employment Opportunities

For new students


For returning students

  • Readmission Form - Graduate students must apply for readmission if they have not been enrolled for one semester, excluding summer sessions (twelve months for Distance Education students).


For continuing students

  • Graduate Student Handbook - Every graduate student must be familiar with these processes.
  • Audits and Graduate Contracts  - Should you audit a course as a graduate student and what are the considerations?
  • Responsible Conduct for Graduate Students - NMT's policy on Responsible Conduct for Graduate Students including Academic Honesty Policy and Guide to Conduct and Citizenship for Graduate Students is found in the current NMT Graduate Catalog.  See also the section from the Graduate Student Handbook on "Ethics and Plagiarism."
  • NMT Travel Policies - If you are on official travel (sponsored by your advisor, the GSA or other NMT entity) there are particular expectations regarding travel. 
  • Career Workshops - Presentations including Letters of Recommendation and Grant Writing.


For students nearing completion

  • Deadlines for Completion (DRAFT UPDATE 11/5/2015)
    • Students often ask when they need to have everything in so that they do not have to register for the next semseter. To complete without registering for the subsequent semester, ensure that all Completion requirements are met by10 business days prior to the start of the next semseter. No completions will be processed during the first two weeks of any semester. 
    • To walk in the graduate ceremony in May, all Completion requirements are met by10 business days prior to graduation.
    • What must be completed Recommended Date Required Date
      Draft independent study/thesis/dissertation to graduate research advisor 8 weeks before Defense  
      Defense copy of independent study/thesis/dissertationto graduate committee 2 weeks before Defense  
      Defense copy of thesis/dissertation in pdf format submitted to for format check/correction   2 weeks before Defense
      Defense: independent study/thesis/dissertation defense 3 weeks before Completion  
      Make corrections to independent study/thesis/dissertation resulting in final version
      iThenticate check of final verions of thesis/dissertation (or independent study for MST) by academic advisor. Student must submit all copyright permission forms to advisor before the check can occur. The report must be signed by the advisor and sbumtted with completion paperwork.  2-3 weeks before Completion  
      Get committee signatures for completion 2-3 weeks before Completion 2 weeks before Completion
      Completion: All paperwork signed and delivered to CGS; final thesis/dissertation in pdf format submitted to ProQuest   10 business days before the first day of class
  • What do I need to do to finish and by when?
  • NEW Completion Checklist (updated 6/17/16)
  • Thesis/Dissertation Requirements -
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: All theses and dissertations must be submitted to ProQuest in final copy as single spaced (as of Spring 2014). Theses and dissertations must also be single-spaced (and in searchable PDF format) when sent to for the formatting check.
    • Thesis/Dissertation Manuscript Requirements  Please note that these requirements state that your thesis or dissertation must be double spaced. The spacing was changed in Spring 2014 (see above). The requirements are being updated (as of 10/1/15) and will be replaced soon. 
  • Thesis Manuscript Check - Megan has been very generous with her time when asked by students to look at their manuscripts before submission.  She will continue to provide this service, however, remember that it is provided as time permits.  Particularly when we are busy with other matters, it may take several days to complete.
  • LaTeX dissertation documentation and template - Using this package does not guarantee that every detail will automatically satisfy the Graduate School requirements.
  •  MS Word thesis template - Using this package does not guarantee that every detail will automatically satisfy the Graduate School requirements.
  • Template Notes for Mechanical Engineering Thesis (Front Matter, Ch1-2, Ch3-apps, Copyright page) - - Using this does not guarantee that every detail will automatically satisfy the Graduate School requirements.
  • NEW Citations and References: for students who do not have discipline-specific citation and reference guidelines, Graduate Studies recommends you use APA Citation Style. Please note that discipline-specific standards take precedence over this recommendation. Ask your advisor about which citation/reference style you should use. For additional help, please visit the Writing & Oral Presentation Center.
  • Recommendation Letters: information on recommendation letters. 
  • NMT ProQuest site: website for submission of electronic thesis or dissertation, required before completion.
  • NEW Copyright Infomation: please read the ProQuest section on copyright at and the linked document Copyright and Your Dissertation or Thesis: Ownership, Fair Use, and Your Rights and Responsibilities that you will find in the ProQuest page. These documents provide excellent guidance on copyright law in the United States for academic work. Legally, we must follow the law and it is easier for you to prepare to meet the copyright requirements as you proceed with your research rather than have to address them at the completion stage. 



  • I.R.S. Tax Forms, Publications and other information
  • Lifetime Learning credit - The Lifetime Learning Credit may be claimed for the qualified tuition and related expenses of the students in the taxpayer's family (i.e., the taxpayer, the taxpayer's spouse, or an eligible dependent) who are enrolled in eligible educational institutions.  



  • Registration and Changes in Registration: forms for registration and other general (not graduate specific) forms.
  • Lower Level Class Approval: for permission to register for a class (not for the 13th credit).  
  • Time Extension Form: contract between an instructor and student to document deliverables and timing for improving a grade (must be in graduate office within one week of the end of the semester).
  • Report of the Graduate Certificate Advisor: document the completion of program requirements for Graduate Certificates 
  • Report of the Masters Degree Advisory Committee (M.S. Course Program): document the completion of program requirements for Masters Degrees. 
  • Report of the Ph.D. Advisory Committee: document the completion of program requirements for Ph.D. Degrees.
  • Extension of Time to Complete Degree: see an extension beyond the limits for completion of a degree or support. 
  • Transfer Credit: request to transfer up to 12 credits of qualified coursework taken at a university; student must certify that credits have not been used toward a degree; upper-division credits with grade of B or above. Required supporting documents are listed on the form.
  • NEW Five Year BS/MS Shared Credit Form: Five Year BS/MS students can use up to three credits towards both their undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • NEW Undergraduate to Graduate Course Transfer Form: Uncounted Tech graduate courses taken as an undergrad may be eligible to be used towards your graduate degree.
  • NEW Graduate Withdrawal Form: withdrawal from a graduate program. You must have withdrawn from all courses via the Registrar before you may submit this form.
  • NEW Withdrawal Without Prejudice Form: special withdrawal from a class for a student unable to satisfy course requirements due to extreme circumstances.
  • Readmission Contract: Contract between student and department outlining academic performance expectation for readmission as a regular degree-seeking student following suspension. Required for all suspended international students. 
  • Survey of Post-Graduate Plans: provide information related to your plans after graduation. Submit this form with your graduate degree completion materials to the Graduate Office. 
  • Three Credit Option Form: form for registering for 3 credits (reduced full time registration) for the last semester when a student has met all course/credit requirements and has only to finish their thesis or dissertation. 
  • Masters Thesis Signature Form: to insert in your digital thesis for submission to ProQuest. Type the names of your committee members above the lines, and insert this page immediately before Chapter 1 of your thesis.
  • Ph.D. Dissertation Signature Form: to insert in your digital dissertation for submission to ProQuest. Type the names of your committee members above the lines, and insert this page immediately before Chapter 1 of your dissertation.
  • NMT Copyright Agreement: Copyright Agreement must be submitted with a thesis or dissertation before completion. Please note that students must obtain permissions for use of all copyrighted or proprietary material. These permissions must be submitted to the student's Academic Advisor at the time of the defense. The permissions must also be submitted to the Center for Graduate Studies with the Copyright Agreement form. (updated 10/14/15)
  • Academic Advisor iThenticate Certification: Advisor form used to report iThenticate match result on a student's submitted Thesis or Dissertation.
  • Defense Report / 1 Credit Option: Report of a student's defense used to request an 1 Credit semester used to make the prescribed changes.