Google Apps FAQ

Google Apps SPAM filtering
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did Tech switch from Postini?
    • Google acquired Postini in 2007 and has integrated Postini's functionality into Google Apps.  They have forced the transition to Google Apps where they have re-implemented most of the Postini functionality.

  • When did Tech make the switch?  I never recieved a notification.
    • @nmt.edu accounts were migrated in early September 2014 and @admin.nmt.edu accounts were migrated in mid-September 2014. Emails were sent out by ITC staff notifying of the changes, unfortunately, some 3rd party spam filters marked this message as spam. New Mexico Tech cannot control how 3rd party providers classify incoming mail.  If you would like to see these messages you can see them at the following pages:
  • How do I get to the message center?
    • The message center in Google Apps Spam filtering can be accessed by going to
      https://email-quarantine.google.com/messagecenter.  If you are currently logged in to your personal Gmail or Google account you will need to either log out or use a different browser to get to the message center.  Google Chrome's "Incognito window" works well to do this.

  • What happened to all of my approved contacts I had in Postini?
    • Unfortunately, because of the transition all approved contacts in Postini will need to be re-added to Google Apps spam filter.

  • Who do I contact if I need help with the spam filter?
    • Contact the ITC helpdesk at 575-835-5734 or x5700 from on campus. You can also email
      itc-workorder@admin.nmt.edu and someone will assist you.

  • I see "Your account has not been configured to use a non-Gmail mailbox" when I try to access the message center.
    • If you see this message you are logged in to another Google Account.  To get to the message center you need to logout of any other Google or Gmail account(s) and login using your @nmt.edu (or @admin.nmt.edu if on the AdminNet) email address to your new Google account. Alternatively, you can use a different browser or a private window like Google Chrome's "Incognito window".

  •  I still get the Quarantine Summaries but they look different and appears to be listing messages that were delivered to me.
    • The Quarantine Summaries do look slightly different. They now have two sections:
      • The top section is the list of messages that Google Apps filtered and DID NOT deliver to you.  Much like the Postini Quarantine Summaries, there is a "Deliver" link that you can use to have the message delivered without having to login to the Message Center.  Once you deliver a message Google learns that you want messages like these in the future.
      • The bottom section is the messages that Google DID deliver to you but identified as possibly spam.  They give you a link where you can easily identify this email as spam so that it can filter similar emails in the future.

  • Can we change the Quarantine Summaries to look the same as the Postini Quarantine Summaries did?
    • We have investigated reformatting this email and we do not believe we have that option at the global level or at the user level.

  • In Postini I could turn off the Spam filtering, I don't see an option for this in Google Apps; how do I turn off Spam filtering?
    • Google Apps does not have a similar setting, you cannot turn off filtering.

  • I work with collegues at other organizations whose mail is getting filtered. How can I say all messages from an organization should be let through, such as @unm.edu.
    • In the Message Center, you can go to settings and add an approved contact, in the email address field, put "@unm.edu" (for the example above). This will allow all mail coming from @unm.edu through.

  • Can I import a list of email addresses as approved contacts?
    • There is no way to import a list with Google Apps spam filtering. You will need to add each address individually, or use the above "@<domain>" as above.

  • I forward my emails to Gmail and the Quarantine Summaries are going into the SPAM folder. How do I keep this from happening?
    • In Gmail, under Settings:
      • Go to Filters
      • From: nmreply@email-quarantine.google.com
      • To: <your email?>
      • Using the button at the lower right "create filter with this search"
      • Select "Never send it to Spam"
      • Create Filter
    • This will keep the Quarantine Summaries from going to spam.