Garage & Automotive Services

Facilities Management operates a full-service garage for all university vehicles and heavy equipment. A supervisor oversees a crew of two mechanics; one of which is ASE certified. Work orders are prioritized on a daily basis, and range from complete overhauls to preventive maintenance and inspections.

Garage Supervisor

Frank Bunning

The Garage Supervisor makes personnel assignments and ensures that the requisite supplies and parts are available for each project, as well as adequate time for completion.

The Supervisor keeps track of time and expenses related to each project, makes sure that safety procedures are followed, and that complaints are handled appropriately.

Other duties include:

  • Meeting with sales agents
  • Advising on mechanical problems
  • Researching designated projects
  • Meeting with Facilities Management Assoc. Directors, garage manager and mechanics to plan for productive scheduling and procedures. 

The mechanics service and inspect vehicle on a 3 month schedule. Vehicles serviced and inspected include rental vehicles, regular campus fleets, specalized equipment used to maintain the campus grounds and golf course, heavy equipment and vehicles under the umbrella of the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC)

The shop itself is comprised of a high-ceilinged metal building with five bays and an oil storage capacity equivalent to three, 55-gallon drums. Building is designed for optimizing space and meeting ventilation needs.

Garage hours are from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Please direct inquires to the Garage Supervisor- Frank Bunning at 835-5822

The shop is prohibited from servicing privately owned vehicles.


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