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Staff Directory


Facilities Management Organizational Chart

Admin  Architect  Construction and Remodeling  Custodial  Electrical  Garage  Golf Course   Grounds  Heavy Equipment  Key Ctrl/Services  Lube & Oil  Plumbing  Purchasing  Roofs/Coolers  Shipping/Receiving  Warehouse



Point of Contact: Mahsa Karamy
Phone: 5533

 Manzano-Brown Yvonne  5533  Director of Facilities Management
 McLain  James B.  5863  Associate Director of Business
Karamy Mahsa 5832 Associate Director / Architect
Acker Linda G. 5534 Admin Secretary I
Holt Elaine J 5533 Admin. Secretary II
Gonzales Sandra 6777 Sr. Accounting Clerk
Lerew Cheri 6196 Accountant
Rivera Cindy D. 5816 Business Office Supervisor
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Point of Contact: Dan Jones
Phone: 5188

Karamy Mahsa 5832 Associate Director / Architect
Jones Daniel V. 5188 Architect
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Point of Contact: Leo Guerra
Phone: 6514

Last First Ext Position
Guerra Leo 6514 Construction Manager
Chavez Marty B. 5533 Carpenter Leadman
 Torres  Alfred  5533 Carpenter
Torres Manuel 5533 Carpenter
Baca Ernest 5533 Carpenter Tradesman
Etsitty Thomas C. 5533 Carpenter Tradesman
Murphy Aaron L. 5533 Heavy Equip. Operator
Brawley Jeremy 5533 Painter
Wright Dennis G. 5533 Painter
Tafoya Brian 5533 Laborer
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Point of Contact: Doris Long & George Green
Phone: 5367

Last First Ext Position
Alvarado Juan 5533 Custodian
Apachito Dandolph 5533 Custodian
Long Doris 5367 Mgr. Custodial Svc.
Arguello De Acosta Maria 5533 Custodian
Hughes Hannah 5533 Custodian
Avalos Jose 5533 Custodian
Baca Irene J 5533 Custodian
Baldonado Patricia 5533 Custodian
Cantu Maria 5533 Custodian
Castillo David 5533 General Maintenance Associate
Chavez Edward 5533 Custodian
Chavez Michael A. 5533 Custodian Leadman
Zamora Shara 5533 Custodian
Chavez Yvonne 5533 Custodian
Cunningham Jeanette 5533 Custodian
Delgado Susan 5533 Custodian
Gonzales Charles 5533 General Maintenance Associate
Green George 5533 General Maintenance Supervisor
Gutierrez Jerry 5533 General Maintenance Associate
Jaramillo Noah 5533 Custodian
Lukesh Wanda 5533 Custodian
Jemison Ben 5533 Custodian
Marquez Frankie 5533 Custodian
Monte Angel 5533 Custodian
Montoya Patricia 5533 Custodian
Padilla Eddie 5533 General Maintenance Associate
Padilla Linda 5533 Custodian
Pino Joe 5533 General Maintenance Associate
Pino Priscilla 5533 Custodian Leadman
Salazar John 5533 Custodian
Sanchez Carmen 5533 Custodian
Tafoya Olivia 5533 Custodian
Tafoya Ramona 5533 Custodian
Torres Anthony 5533 Custodian
Vasquez Maria 5533 Custodian
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Point of Contact: Joey E Baca
Phone: 5718

Last First Ext Position
Baca Joey E. 5718 Supv. Electrical
Bunning Scott 5533 Electrician Journeyman
Chavez Jimmy C. 5533 Electrician Leadman
Gonzales Patrick 5533 Electrician Helper
Gonzales Shawn 5533 Electrician Helper
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Point of Contact: Chris SIlva
Phone: 5822

Last First Ext Position
Bunning Frank 5822 Sr. Mechanic- Certified
Silva Chris 5822 Mechanic Supervisor
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Point of Contact: Robert Gonzales
Phone: 5124

Last First Ext Position
Cano Manuel  5533 Groundskeeper
Chavez Issac 5533 Irrigation Technician
McCutcheon Marvin 5533 Groundskeeper
Rodriquez Fidencio L 5533 Groundskeeper
Silva Tino 5533 Certified Groundskeeper
Vargas Jose 5533 Golf Course & Irrigation Leadman
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Point of Contact: Karyn DeBont
Phone: 5840

Last  First Ext Position
Baeza Jesus L. 5533 Grounds/Greenhouse
Carrillo Andrew R. 5533 Grounds/Irrigation
Chavez Jeremy 5533 Grounds/Greenhouse
DeBont Karyn 5840 Associate Director
 /Mgr. Grounds & Greenhouse
Giron Pascual 5533 Grounds/Greenhouse
Gonzales Gilbert M. 5533 Grounds/Greenhouse
Hazey James 5533 Groundskeeper
Lopez Frank M. 5533 Grounds Supervisor
Robinson John 5533 Groundskeeper
Telles Santiago G. 5533 Grounds/Greenhouse
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Point of Contact: Art Benavidez
Phone: 5048

Last First Ext Position
Benavidez Arturo 5048 Locksmith/Supervisor Field Roofs
Anaya Steven R. 5533 Roof Maintenance
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Point of Contact: Pete Sanchez
Phone: 5356

Last First Ext Position
Murillo Patrick 5533 Plumber Supervisor
Sanchez Pedro S. 5356 Mech. Systems Mgr.
Silva Larry 5533

Plumber Helper

Silva Timmy 5533 Plumber Journeyman
Soto Edmundo  Jr 5533 Plumber Helper
South Glenn 5533 Plumber Apprentice
Lucero Tony 5533 Plumber
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Point of Contact: 

Last First Ext Position
Chavez Joyce 5833 Purchasing Buyer
Eiland Jackie 6449 Purchasing Buyer
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Point of Contact: Ed Gangemi                               Phone: 5547

Last First Ext Position
Chavez Nathan 5547 Shipping/Receiving Operations Tech
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Point of Contact: Frances R. Smith
Phone: 5844

Last First Ext Position
Martinez Andrew  5844 Warehouse Operations Tech
Smith Frances R. 5844 Warehouse Supervisor
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