Rate Code  Description of charge  Cost
 LABOR  Hourly Rate for Desktop Support $50.00/hr
   Campus Network  
 NET1  10 MB Network Connection $14.00/month
 NET100  100 MB Network Connection $14.00/month
 NETEU  10 MB Network Connection (Client owned equipment) $7.00/month
   Administrative Network Price Structure  
   Standard PC Client  
 NET1  10 MB Network Connection $14.00/month
 ADMCLT  Admin Net Services Surcharge $19.00/month
   PC Client with dedicated application space  
 NET1  Connect computer to network $14.00/month
 ADMCLT  AdminNet Services Surcharge $19.00/month
 ADMAPP  Application Space Surcharge $15.00/month
 RSACARD  RSA Card Services $12.50/month
   RSA Card $85
   Special PC Client with NO admin privileges  
 NET1  Client with NO admin privileges  $14.00/month
   Network Printer  
 ADMPRT  Connect printer to network  $20.00/month
   Wireless Internet Access  
 NETWL  Wireless Internet Access $14.00 per computer/month