Mac Driver Installation

Mac Operating System instructions for connecting to the dorm network.

NOTE: After configuring your Ethernet settings, you need to authenticate by opening a browser and accessing a web page. You will be prompted to log in using your banner id and password. After you have authenticated you will gain regular internet access.

Configuring Mac OS 7.6.1-9.X

1.    Open the Control Panels window by selecting the Apple Menu -> Control Panels.
2.    Open the TCP/IP control panel.
3.    Select Ethernet under "Connect via." (For laptops, the option may be "alternate Ethernet" or some such; in this case, pick whichever option contains ethernet)
4.    Select Using DHCP Server under "Configure."
5.    Close the TCP/IP window and click "Save" when prompted.


Configuring Mac OS X

1.    Open the System Preferences window by selecting the Apple Menu -> System Preferences.
2.    Open the Network control panel.
3.    In the new window, click the menu next to "Show:" and choose Built-in Ethernet. Most desktop Macs will say "Built-in Ethernet", but laptops might say "Alternate Ethernet." Whatever the case, choose the Ethernet option.
4.    In the menu next to "Configure:" choose Using DHCP.
5.    Close the Network window and click "Save" when prompted.