New Student


If a student wants to arrange for services and make use of accommodations, he/she must be registered with Office of Disability Services (ODS). To do this a student must:


  • Schedule an appointment with the Disability Therapist

      rbrown@admin.nmt.edu or 575-835-6619/5093


  • Provide appropriate documentation. Examples of professions who can supply appropriate documentation of a disability are:


Licensed Practitioner

What they can diagnosis

Educational Diagnostician

Learning Disability

Psychologist / Psychiatrist

Learning Disabilities, ADD / ADHD, Psychological

Audiologist, Otolaryngologist

Hearing Disorder


Physical or other health impairment, ADD / ADHD


  • Complete Forms:

1.      Accessibility Intake Form

2.      Request for Accommodation Form

3.      If the Disability Therapist determines that a reasonable accommodation for you is:

a.      extended test time and you wish to test in the ODS – stop by and pick up a  Test Proctoring Form for each class.

4.      Deliver your Accommodation letters (test proctoring form, if applicable) to your professors as soon as possible, but no later than two (2) weeks of the start of the semester/summer session.