Minutes, July 8, 2009


July 8, 2009
3:00 p.m. (Mountain Time)

Present: Louise Chamberlain, Brett Wendt, Roger Renteria, Russ Erbes, Tom Dillon, John Dowdle, Richard Miller, Geza Keller, Paul Shoemaker, Linda Gonzales

Staff Present: Kathy Hedges, Denise Sawyer, Katie O’Toole, Cheryl Pulaski, Ricardo Maestas

Old Business:

Brett Wendt noted that the Fiscal Plan has expired. This will be discussed further under new business, recap discussion with Dr. Lopez

New Business:

Elections – Cheryl Pulaski stated we need a list of nominations for the elections to add to the 49ers brochure. Brett said all officer terms are up this year. There are currently 17 directors, including officers and heads of chapters.

49ers Update – Cheryl asked everyone present to please let her office know if you want anything added to the 49ers brochure. A list of planned activities was given. Cheryl also said she would like to have a retreat with the Board of Directors that Saturday, October 24th.
Brett asked about the idea of planting a tree over 49ers. Cheryl stated there are set policies about trees. Kathy’s idea of a shopping list of student needs would be a help to present students. A motion was made by Brett to take up a collection at 49ers and the board would decide what to buy. Louise seconded. Motion passed with one opposed, all others in favor. Kathy will request a shopping list.
Louise asked that we announce 10 year reunions in the 49ers brochure; board concurs.

Discussion with Dr. Lopez – Ricardo Maestas gave a summary of meeting with Dr. Lopez. Dr. Lopez asked for feedback from Ricardo, Cheryl and Lonnie Marquez. Feedback has been given but Ricardo has not seen Dr. Lopez to discuss further.
Brett stated that the fiscal plan had expired as of last month and a new plan has been put on hold, waiting acceptance from Dr. Lopez. He is hoping to have everything in place by September. Ricardo noted that Dr. Lopez is willing to continue dialogue and come to a quick solution. Brett would like to know specifically what part of documents there was a problem with so those issues can be addressed. It was decided that the Strategic Planning Committee setup a time to work on their plan. Cheryl will coordinate this with Geza.

Albuquerque Alumni Event – There will be an Alumni reception in Albuquerque at the St. Clair Winery & Bistro on Thursday, July 23rd from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.. Hope to get more involvement from Albuquerque area.

Other Alumni Events – No other alumni events planned at this time. Cheryl stated she does not want to plan too many events in advance. She is hoping for the hiring freeze to be lifted by August 1st. Her focus right now is on where we have alumni to work with.

Next Meeting – After discussion it was decided to have the next meeting August 19th.