Residential Computer Network


Network services

Our Residential Computing Network (RCN) offers Internet and Internet2 to all students living in Tech sponsored housing.  In order to ensure your connection is as reliable as possible, our network is constantly monitored by ITC staff and technical support is available for setting up your network connection.

The Tech Computer Center is separate from ITC - ITC offers Internet and TCC offers email and general campus computing facilities.

Acceptable Use Policy

All prospective users of the Residential Computing Network (RCN), will be required to sign a document stating that they have read, understand, and accept the RCN Policy.

Since your TCC email is our primary means of contact, you must have a TCC email account for the length of your connection. If we find out that it was closed or terminated, your port will be disabled until the account is reactivated. Please see the TCC website for more information, or call (575) 835-5437.

Getting Started

Wireless Networking

Software Support

Computer Specifications

Computer Labs on Campus

Frequently Asked Questions

Virus information

Please be aware that you are responsible for your own virus protection.

ITC recommends installing an antivirus software of your choice. Make certain that your antivirus software provides updates to the latest virus threats and that these updates are regularly applied. You may also consider using personal firewall software for your own PC. As individual threats appear, our dedicated staff will provide support, containment, and information to the best of our ability. For more information, please contact ITC at (575) 835-5700 or email rcn@nmt.edu.