Cramer Awards

This award, given at Commencement at New Mexico Tech, was established to honor Tom Cramer, and engineer and a member of the New Mexico School of Mines Board of Regents for 26 years. It is awarded to the male and female seniors graduating in engineering who rank highest in scholarship. The recipients are chosen by the Faculty Senate upon recommendation of the engineering faculty.

[Note: Recipients of the Cramer Award from before 1995 should email alumni at admin.nmt.edu to be added to the list.]

2016 -- Kevin Reed and Theresa Guinard

2015 -- Joseph Gabaldon and Tracy Sjaardema

2014 -- Nickolas Davis and Veronica Sager

2013  Kalyn Jones and Reynaldo Yazzie

2012 Jared Kuker and Breanne Dunaway

2011 Zahra Ghanbari and David Burkhard

2010 Caitlin Allen and Clay Beevers
2009 Roushan Ghanbari and Isaac Toby Sachs-Quintana
2008 Katharine Dahm and Joseph Anthony Fernandez, Jr.
2007 Victoria Ashton and Keenan Dotson
2006 Cheyenne D. Hollow Horn and William Schuter
2005 Julianne Heffernan and Nicholas Jacka
2004 Dayle Kerr and Samuel Clark
2003 David Ladner and Candace Scheffing
2002 Samuel Hawkins and (tie for top female student) Margit Jensen and Michaelann Shortencarrier
2001 Rebecca Brown and Timothy Wangler
2000 Julie Wiens and (tie for top male student) Michael Davis and Timothy Sande
1999 Tamara Barber and Kelly Houston
1998 Robin Carstensen and Kenneth Salaz
1997 Kenneth Moreland and Karen Stafford-Brown
1996 Darin Y. Mishima
1995 Nolan Bennett and Colleen Klingman