What is the SRS?

What is the SRS?

Communicate to Educate is the focus of the NMT Student Research Symposium (SRS), an annual event where NMT students present their research to NMT, Socorro, and the larger STEM community. Students at all levels, from freshmen to graduate, have the opportunity to participate in research; the SRS provides a forum to share the exciting projects they've been working on!

Students can present 3 ways:

  • Oral Presentation
    • 12 minute slide presentation followed by Q&A 
  • Poster Presentation
    • Poster exhibit where presenters stand by their poster and interact with the attendees
  • 3 Minute Presentation
    • 1 slide, 3 minute talk - ideal for students just starting their research

The Student Research Symposium is an opportunity for you to: 

  • Showcase your knowledge and skills by giving a presentation or displaying a poster to peers, professional researchers, and engineers 
  • Communicate your research or design to people outside your field
  • See what your peers are doing and get ideas for what  your future research might be!


We hope to see you there. While presentations are by NMT students, attendance is open. Feel free to invite family and friends to attend!


Other Information:

  • Now is the time to talk with your Faculty Research Advisor about the projects on which you would like to present.
  • The Writing and Oral Presentation Center can help you prepare for the Student  Research Symposium. Click the links to find their regular hours, and stay posted for upcoming workshops! 
  • Ask your ENGL 341 (Technical Writing) instructor if you may write and present an extended abstract for class that could also be submitted to and presented at the SRS. 

Criteria & Evaluation Form - Extended Abstract (Optional)
Criteria & Evaluation Form - Oral Presentations
Criteria & Evaluation Form - Poster Presentations