Message from the President


A Message from the President:

As President of New Mexico Tech, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to one of the nation’s best public research universities. I assure you that the education you will receive here will prove to be a lifelong, rewarding experience.

Tech continually strives to provide an academic environment that is highly conducive to learning, thinking, and innovation. For 120 years, this institution has fostered and instilled discerning intelligence and proficient technical skills in all our students, challenging and inspiring them to do their best in work, life, and leadership.
In addition, campus facilities have grown tremendously in the recent past, most notably with the much-needed addition of the Fidel Student Services Center, which is destined to be a focal point of student life Tech.
As a responsible member of the Tech community, you have now assumed several rights and responsibilities, including respect for the rights of others, honesty and diligence in the classroom, accountability for all your actions and conduct, and, most importantly, the pursuit of excellence and integrity in everything you do.
The New Mexico Tech Student Handbook is perhaps the best source of reference about specific services, policies, and procedures concerning student life at this university. When used in conjunction with the current New Mexico Tech Catalog, this handbook will provide answers to most of the questions and concerns you may have regarding student and campus life at Tech.
As a conscientious individual and as a Tech student, you will be expected to act in accordance with the general campus rules, related regulations, and standards of conduct, as outlined in this handbook. In the unfortunate event that violations of Institute rules and regulations do occur, the Dean of Students or Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs will be assigned to resolve situations.
Your astute decision to attend Tech is the first step toward achieving your personal and professional goals. Your perseverance will provide the rest.
Daniel H. López


New Mexico Tech is an institute of higher learning that serves the people of New Mexico by integrating education, research, public service, and economic development through emphasis on science, engineering, and natural resources. Its mission is threefold:
  1. Helping students learn creative approaches to complex issues
  2. Creating and communicating knowledge, and
  3. Solving technical and scientific problems