Doctor of Philosophy in Applied and Industrial Mathematics

  • Professors: Avramidi, Borchers, Hossain, Stone
  • Associate Professors: Aitbayev, Kerr, Schaffer
  • Assistant Professors: Makhnin, Starrett, Wang
  • Instructors: Ballou, Bukowski
  • Emeritus Faculty: Arterburn, Ball, Dubbs, Sharples, Sherman

Doctor of Philosophy in Applied and Industrial Mathematics

Students of exceptional ability, as demonstrated in a master’s degree program or in previous courses, may pursue a program leading to the doctoral degree. Although the master’s degree is not a requirement for the Ph.D. degree, the experience gained in writing a master’s thesis or independent study project is valuable.

Degree Requirements

Up to 30 hours from a master’s degree, excluding thesis and S/U courses, may be included. Students are normally expected to take MATH 501 and 502 in their first year, and MATH 503 each semester after that.

48 hours of coursework approved by the student’s advisory committee, including:

  • All of the following, if not already taken: MATH 410, 411, 435, 437, 438, 471
  • 500-level MATH courses (30 credit hours) consisting of: MATH 530 (3), 532 (3)
  • Six (6) credit hours of core classes: MATH 511, 535, 538, 539, 577
  • Four or more of the remaining classes are to be additional core classes (above), courses from the list of recommended classes (below) or other classes approved in advance by the student’s committee. Students are strongly encouraged to include MATH 509, Graduate Internship, in their program. Recommended classes: MATH 509, 510, 512, 518, 519, 531, 533, 536, 537, 587 or other
  • 12 hours of upper-division or graduate-level courses from outside the math department
  • Dissertation (24 credit hours): MATH 595 
  • Preliminary exams in differential equations, analysis, and numerical analysis (usually taken in the third semester, or in the second semester for students who already have a master’s degree). Students may, if necessary, repeat one or more exams the following semester. Students who do not receive satisfactory scores after two attempts will not be accepted into the Ph.D. program.