Club Sports At Tech

Among the various extracurricular activities available to New Mexico Tech students, the sport club program is among the most active.
The Tech gym staff facilitates sports activities for 14 officially sanctioned clubs, ranging from the rugby team, which competes intercollegiately, to other clubs that provide a forum for students with similar interests, like climbing.

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The five team sports clubs that travel to compete are men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s volleyball and rugby.

All the clubs provide students with the opportunity to improve their skills, learn teamwork and cooperation and pursue their sporting hobbies, like caving, martial arts and paintball.

Club sports coordinator Dave Wheelock said many students find that sports offer an excellent avenue for stress relief, fitness and a positive distraction from the rigors of academic life.

A recent survey of one club found that stress relief was the top reason for participating, with camaraderie and friendship coming in a close second and honing or learning new skills as another top reason.

Some clubs come and go as student interests change over the years. In recent years, Tech had a women’s rugby team, but no longer does. New clubs launched in 2009 are the tennis, cricket and fencing clubs. Other sports are limited to intramurals, like basketball and softball.

The cricket club is becoming more active; the Tech cricketers will travel to Albuquerque to compete with the University of New Mexico team in coming weeks. The tennis club hosted three members tournaments this fall.

While perhaps not considered to be competitive sports, the caving and climbing clubs are both very active organizations. The caving club travels across the state on weekends to explore the many caves of New Mexico. Wheelock said the club averaged two trips per month during the fall 2009 semester.

The climbing club mounts expeditions to many scenic areas of New Mexico, including Hueco Tanks, El Rito, and Enchanted Tower near Datil. Of course, the club’s favorite haunt is Box Canyon, jut 15 minutes west of Socorro.

The shooting club meets weekly for air rifle practice in the gym and stages occasional marksmanship clinics at the city shooting range.

The martial arts club meets throughout the year and performs demonstrations at various local and out of town events, such as last fall's appearance at the New Mexico State Fair.

Wheelock said, “They really take advantage of any time they can get together to meet,” Wheelock said. “That group never ceases to amaze me. They’re always doing something different and I’m  impressed with their level of skill.”

Men's Rugby at NMT

The Martial Arts Club performs exhibitions and demonstrations are campus activities and at events in Albuquerque. Wheelock said the club serves as excellent ambassadors for the school. 

The golf club typically hosts an intercollegiate fun tournament every year with guest teams from other New Mexico and Colorado small colleges. They club also travels to courses around New Mexico periodically to play as a group.

The Paintball Club has regular events also, using campus areas or the Rio Grande bosque to “shoot it out.” 

Students are welcome to form new clubs with a few provisos. Clubs must have at least 10 student members and must hold regular practices and meet regularly for planning and organizational discussions.

For more information, contact Wheelock at 835-5854.