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Meeting, Feb. 19, 2009

Meeting, February 19, 2009

Minutes of Alumni Board Meeting on Feb. 19, 2009

Compiled by Kathy Hedges

Attending: Kathleen Hedges, Dylan Merrigan (Pres. of Student Association), Cheryl Pulaski, John Dowdle, Paul Shoemaker, Richard Miller, Geza Keller, Brett Wendt.

Brett calls meeting to order.

Committee reports

Nominating Committee:

Kathy is collecting nominations and has not yet had any formal nominations to submit to the committee. The committee consists of Paul Shoemaker, Russ Erbes, and Richard Miller. Kathy has been informed that people are collecting information to nominate two people: the late Mike Provenza for Distinguished Achievement (mining engineering) and M. J. Fitzgerald for Distinguished Service. Fitzgerald has advised students, set up scholarships, and otherwise provided service over the years. Info is being gathered. Brett requested that we try and get several more nominations for each award in the next two months.

Travel Committee: Various trips are being planned. Next one is Vino y Volcanoes, with Bill Chavez, for March 13- 23, 2010.

Cheryl gave a run-down of coming alumni events and ones in planning.

  1. Alumni reception in Denver on Feb. 24
  2. Alumni reception in Las Vegas, NV, on March 12.
  3. Reception for Science Fair judges in Socorro on April 4.
  4. Colorado Chapter planning picnic on April 18
  5. Albuquerque event in planning for Summer 2009

There is a Google-based calendar of alumni events on the Alumni Events web page.

49ers Planning Committee

John Dowdle volunteered to chair committee. Kathy H. is member. (Since then, Ken Fagan has also agreed to help.) There was a lot of discussion around scheduling of events. All agreed that it best to continue getting out in front and setting the schedule instead of working around other events. Discussion was had on timing of AGM within 49ers. It was agreed to have the committee work specifically on timing options and report back to the board at the next meeting.

Discussion of Alumni Association Endowment

New Mexico Tech, The NMT Foundation, and the NMT Alumni Association are all Title III’s. As budgets get cut, building up the NMTAA’s fund into an endowment is a way of keeping things viable.

Geza: There’s got to be a way to invest this better.
Cheryl: By law, all our endowments are invested with the State Investment Fund. Fund has no management fee, so we come out ahead. Steven Hicks, the accountant who works under Lonnie Marquez, sends reports out. Geza requests information on what our gain is. Cheryl will try to obtain this.

Cheryl and Brett are working on a draft of a statement as to what the NMTAA Endowment does; what its purpose is and why we are trying to fund it. Dr. Lopez will not be back in town to discuss this with Cheryl till legislative session is over.

Brett: We are still working on the document and the planning committee will report the final markups to Geza for submission to the board.

Treasurer’s Report.

Brett: We should try to track ourselves monetarily. How often is it feasible to get a financial report to the NMTAA’s treasurer (Steve Dixon)?
Cheryl: We’d like to get it up to the required $15 K by the end of the year.
Paul Shoemaker suggests we get quarterly reports on Alumni Endowment, and plan to take an in-depth look at it once a year.
Group agrees that there should be a reckoning after fiscal year ends on June 30, and another after end of quarter on Sept. 30, for General Meeting at 49ers time.
Cheryl confirmed that she left a message with Steve to discuss how to set up updates on the treasurer’s report but no conversation has been made to date. Brett asked to be notified if this does not make progress.

Cheryl: Salary savings that Advancement had in 2008 cannot be moved to other columns. We are being frugal: using postcards and phones more than travel, etc.

Lifetime dues will now go into the Alumni Endowment. Brett asked Cheryl to provide an accounting of Lifetime dues currently in the Alumni Activities Account that should be credited to the Alumni Endowment Fund at the next meeting.

Review of 1-year plan: Not everybody had a copy. Agreed in the interest of time to postpone discussion to next meeting. Cheryl agreed to annotate a copy and send it around (which she did on Feb. 23).

Cheryl goes to Title V meeting next week, so will be out of the office.

Next meeting: March 19


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