Facilities Management Bottle Gas Request

For Delivery Questions Call: Frances Smith at 835-5844
For Accounting Questions Call: Cheri Lerew 835-6196

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Building: Room Number: Specialty gas orders must be placed by 12 noon Monday for delivery on Wednesday afternoon. For regular gas orders, you will be contacted for delivery as soon as your request is received. IT IS REQUIRED that you be available to sign for delivery. PLEASE NOTE that you will be charged EXTRA for each attempted delivery.
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     Banner FOAP account numbers are required for all Bottled Gas Requests to be processed. The ACCT value is assumed to be 710001 for Bottled Gas orders.
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Delivery charge is $10.00 per tank ordered - We will call you to schedule time of delivery 

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Type QTY Type QTY
Acetylene Helium
Acetylene "B"
(Small Tank)
Helium, UHP
0.1 Air
(Zero Air)
Air Breathing Hydrogen, UHP
Air Dry, Industrial Nitrogen
Argon Nitrogen, Liquid
Argon Liquid Nitrogen, UHP
Argon, UHP Nitrous Oxide
CO2 Oxygen
CO2 w/Siphon    

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