Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans Make Tax-efficient Bequests

Retirement plans and IRAs can be the most highly taxed assets in an estate. With income tax on distributions and possible estate taxes factored in, the total tax bill for heirs can exceed 50% of the assets.

However, because New Mexico Tech is a tax-exempt institution, ownership of retirement assets can pass to the University without taxation. Alumni and friends who would like to make a tax-efficient bequest should consider naming New Mexico Tech as a beneficiary of an IRA, Keogh, tax-sheltered annuity, or qualified pension or profit-sharing plan—it’s the most tax-efficient way to create a legacy.

Examples of Retirement Plan Gifts


Capping a Lifetime of Giving
A Professor's Thoughtful Gift

We encourage you to contact the Office for Advancement at 575.835.5616 or to discuss your gift of retirement assets to New Mexico Tech.