Appeal Process

Admission Appeal Process

If the student does not meet the requirements for admission, but believes he/she has the skills to succeed at New Mexico Tech, he/she can appeal their admission to New Mexico Tech's Academic Standards and Admission Committee (ASAC). Follow the application process and submit supporting documents to ASAC in care of: Tony Ortiz, Director of Admission.

Required Supporting Documents

  • Letter From Student: Explaining career goals; how student hopes to benefit from a New Mexico Tech education; and any other information that may highlight the student's capabilities.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation: One letter from a high school science teacher and one letter from a high school math teacher. It should be someone who is familiar with the student's potential for study at a technical university. These letters must be on school letterhead.
  • Additional DocumentsAny documentation that will show that the student is adequately prepared for an Undergraduate degree program (e.g., participation in Science Fairs, Science Olympiads, and/or other relevant science/math or technical activities).

Mail Information and Documents to:

Academic Standards and Admission Committee
c/o Tony Ortiz, Director of Admission
Office of Admission
801 Leroy Place
Socorro, NM 87801

Appeal Deadlines

  • Spring Semester - December 1st
  • Summer Semester - June 1st
  • Fall Semester - July 1st

Detailed Information Regarding Admission

Refrence: New Mexico Tech's Course Catalog

Entering Freshmen: U.S. Citizen/U.S. Permanent Residents who have received or will receive a U.S. High School Diploma.

Home-Schooled Students: Entering Freshmen – U.S. Citizens/U.S. Permanent Residents.

Transfer Students: U.S. Citizens/U.S. Permanent Residents who have completed college work after high school graduation.

International Students: Entering Freshmen or Transfer Students who are not U.S. Citizens/Permanent Residents.

Special Students:  Non-Degree — Seeking Undergraduate Students with course loads of 6 hours or less.

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