Meeting, May 2, 2007

New Mexico Tech Alumni Association
Board of Directors Meeting
May 2, 2007

Present: Tom Dillon, Linda Gonzales, Geza Keller, Navid Mojtabai, Louise Chamberlin (by proxy)

Associate members present: Cheryl Pulaski, Carol Lynn Tiegs

Absent: Ray Bellande, Brett Wendt, Gaylyn Yanke

The meeting came to order at 3:05 p.m.

1. Approval of Officers: On a motion by Tom, seconded by Navid, the Directors present unanimously confirmed the following slate of officers:

  • Vice-president/president-elect – Ray Bellande
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Louise Chamberlin

2. Discussion of Bylaws

  • On a motion by Linda, seconded by Navid, the Directors unanimously approved the addition to Article I of the proposed Association bylaws to state: “d/b/a New Mexico Tech Alumni Association.
  • Directors present were in consensus on language in Article 2 of the proposed Bylaws outlining the purpose of the Association.
  • Directors present recommended defining a quorum (Article VIII.5) as “a simple majority of Directors present” for purposes of live and telephonic meetings, and making provision in the Bylaws for electronic communication and use of e-mail voting.
  • Geza recommended that the concluding line of the bylaws state that the bylaws were “Adopted unanimously.”
  • On a motion by Tom, seconded by Linda, the Directors present unanimously voted to table adoption of the bylaws, direct Carol Lynn to circulate a new draft of the bylaws incorporating items from today’s discussion to all members, and work to reach unanimous approval of the bylaws.

3. Distinguished Alumni Award

  • On a motion by Tom, seconded by Geza, the Directors unanimously agreed to introduce an effort at 49ers Weekend to generate more alumni interest in and nominations for the Distinguished Alumni Award, which will continue to be presented at Commencement. The motion further directed the Office for Advancement to proceed with this year’s award according to past protocol. The Alumni Association will work to develop a program for Commencement 2008.
  • Tom and Geza mentioned Larry Libersky as a possible candidate to receive the award posthumously.

4. Alumni Lifetime Membership Dues and Alumni Lifetime Scholarship Fund.

  • Currently all alumni lifetime membership dues go into the Alumni Lifetime Scholarship Fund, providing no funding for alumni activities and benefits.
  • On a motion by Tom, seconded by Geza, the Directors unanimously agreed that all alumni dues, whether annual or lifetime, go into the Alumni Association Dues account for use in Association activities.

5. 49ers/Reunion Weekend, October 19-21, 2007

    The Directors agreed to table this item and discuss it via e-mail.

6. Other business

    Tom recommended that the Association ask New Mexico Tech administration to create a confidential FTP site for collaboration among the Association’s directors and officers.

7. Adjournment

    On a motion by Geza, seconded by Linda, the meeting adjourned at 4:05 p.m.

Carol Lynn Tiegs
For Louise Chamberlin, Secretary/Treasurer