Minutes, April 23, 2009

APRIL 23, 2009
3:00 p.m. (Mountain time)

Present:  Kathy Hedges, Denise Sawyer, Katie O’Toole, Brett Wendt, Cheryl Pulaski, Geza Keller, Louise Chamberlain, Tom Dillon, Charles Major, Paul Shoemaker, Linda Gonzales, Richard Miller and Russ Erbes.

Old Business

    Fiscal Plan – Geza gave report - they haven’t had a chance to review the previous plan line by line.  Committee will be meeting and formulating next draft.  Deadline is June 30th.  It was decided to begin working on next year’s plan.

New Business

      Commencement – May 16, 2009.  Cheryl said 50% of Class of 59 (9 people) will be attending.  On Friday, May 15th they will be able to tour the Campus in the morning.  Lunch will then be served at M Mountain Grill followed by a trip up M mountain.  Next will be a test explosion at EMRTC testing facilities and then a ½ hr presentation on Tech’s Magdalena Ridge Observatory.  Break and re-group at 5:30 at Macey Center, dinner served at 6:00.  Saturday at the Class of 59 will match in the Commencement Ceremony and receive a Certificate.  Cheryl said she we will be giving each of them a School of Mines Belt Buckle.

Recipients of Awards - Cheryl said she would like for us to think about doing more in the following years.  Tom suggested giving reunion participants a rock, possibly on a triangular base or engraved.  Louise suggested asking the Bureau to donate rocks.  Other suggestions:  Engraved Nambe, dinner at the Owl Bar. 

49ers – There is a preliminary schedule on the Alumni page on website.  Friday – campus and EMRTC tours. Saturday – parade then lunch on 3rd floor of Fidel Center; Board retreat in the afternoon; everyone meet at CAP that night.  Sunday – Magdalena Observatory tour.  Dillon suggested perhaps alumni could do a service project for 2-3 hours such as plant a tree.  Louise would like for 2010 to begin highlighting for 10, 20, 30 and 40 year Reunions, but keep it simple.

Chile Trip – Bill Chavez is still working on plans.  It has been moved to March, 2010, during Spring break.  Final plans will be announced once we get them.

Endowment Report - $5,320 in Alumni Association Endowment.

Other Alumni Events – New Alumni Chapter to be formed in China Lake – Russ & Cheryl are going to meeting there on May 7.  Albuquerque alumni will meet July 23rd at St. Clair Winery.  Linda Gonzales suggested having an alumni meeting in Socorro and Cheryl suggested having one in Santa Fe.

Summer Schedule – It was decided not to have a meeting in May.  Next meeting will be June 18th.

Other Discussion or Announcements – Charlie Major asked if he could walk at Commencement and get a diploma since he didn’t get to in 1969.  Brett said there will be a meeting at 7:30 am on May 16th with Dr. Lopez to try and get direct insight from the President’s office and let them know what we have been doing.  Cheryl introduced Denise Sawyer as her new Administrative Assistant.  Kathy reminded everyone to check out the new Web, which will start on May 4.


    Paul moved that we adjourn at 3:50, seconded by Linda, motion passed.