Last Updated November 14, 2023

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When there's a colloquium, meet the speaker and have coffee & snacks at 3:30 pm in Workman 312, then attend the talk at 4 pm in Workman 101! You can also attend via Zoom (the meeting ID is 922 7877 4516, and the passcode is 521185).

Studies of Nuclear Detonation Forensics using MeV Electron Beams

Speaker: Dan Dale (Idaho State University)

November 16, 2023 @ 4pm

Workman Center, Room 101

Abstract: In this talk, I will outline current work in the area of nuclear detonation forensics using MeV electron beams. In regards to nuclear weapons, nuclear forensics falls into three broad categories—pre-donation forensics, prompt diagnostic signatures, and post-detonation forensics. I will discuss work in the latter two areas. In particular, I will discuss studies of the UV flash generated by a nuclear detonation, the so-called Teller light, in the complex environments which may occur in a terrorist attack. The approach here will be to use MeV electron beams as surrogates for recoiling Compton electrons in the atmosphere involving fission gamma rays from the detonation. In a post-detonation scenario, MeV electron beams also provide a tool to study bomb debris. I will outline current efforts to perform both fundamental physics measurements and trace element analysis on nuclides produced in a nuclear event. One of the primary goals of these measurements is to shed light on the characteristics of the explosion, and ultimately provide attribution.