Academic Affairs Covid-19 Information

This page contains information for faculty, staff, and students concerning New Mexico Tech's academic response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  For information on the campus-wide impact and response see the New Mexico Tech Covid-19 Information Page.



Academics at NMT

Fall 2020 Academic Plan

New Mexico Tech will offer both on-campus and online instruction during the Fall 2020 Semester, as discussed in this press release and in the Academic Affairs Plan for Fall 2020.

Summer 2020

All instruction during the Summer 2020 semester is online only.

Spring 2020

During the Spring 2020 semester New Mexico Tech transitioned to 100% online instruction following an extended Spring Break.  Information concerning this transition and related policy documents can be found in our Spring 2020 Academic Affairs Archive.

Faculty, staff, and students working in academic departments at NMT

Fall 2020

Faculty and staff will continue necessary on-site work to support academic and research activities.  Faculty and staff will continue to work remotely whenever possible to promote social distancing.

Graduate students will continue access to their research labs in accordance with the Plan for Graduate Students to Resume On-Site Research.

A plan will be developed for undergraduate students to work on campus when necessary.

Summer 2020

Faculty, staff and some students may work on campus to provide essential instruction, student support, or engage in research activities as described below.  Faculty and staff should continue to work remotely whenever possible to minimize crowding and ensure health recommendations are followed.

Working on campus:  Only those faculty, staff and students approved as “essential on-site” workers by the VPAA are allowed to be in buildings on campus, and only then to complete those tasks that cannot be done from home (i.e., work from home whenever possible).  When on campus, those “essential on-site” workers must practice social distancing (minimize time spent with others and maximize distance from others) and good hygiene.

  1. Faculty (full-time and part-time) are “essential on-site” workers.
  2. Departmental administrative assistants are “essential on-site” workers.
  3. Other members of the staff generally are not “essential on-site” workers.  Only other members of the staff recommended by the department chair and approved by the VPAA may be deemed as “essential on-site” workers.
  4. Graduate students may be granted access to research labs in accordance wit the Plan for Graduate Students to Resume On-Site Research.   This plan involves four components: 1) safety, 2) tracking, 3) reporting, and 4) accountability. Whenever possible graduate students should work remotely.
  5. Undergraduate students  generally are not “essential on-site” workers.  The process of requesting exemptions (i.e., approval for a student worker to be deemed "essential on-site") for an undergraduate student is for the supervisor to submit a request via a Google Form (  If approved by the VPAA, the limit in time for a student to be considered as an “essential on-site” worker is two weeks.  The limited time is to enable more students to fulfill these essential duties and limit the number of workers on campus at any given time. 
  6. Work performed on campus will only be done by “essential on-site” workers because it cannot be completed at home and will require social distancing in time and space.