Contra-Tiempo's "Agua Furiosa" | NMTPAS

Date: Sat. 5 Nov, 2016 7:30 pm
Location: Macey Center

Agua Furiosa is loosely inspired by Shakespeare's The Tempest and the Afro Cuban deity of the wind and storms, Oya. Through call and response, improvisational scores, multiple water themes and personal narrative both Black and Latino, Agua Furiosa invites audiences to face some of the gruesome contradictions of color, poverty and immigration in the United States. The work aims to invent new paradigms for how we think about and live inside of this shifting conversation of race in America. This rich blend of intentions, along with Contra-Tiempo’s imaginative collaboration between music, song, sound, set and costume, create a culturally inclusive theatrical medium representing a worldview that transcends boundaries of this post-post modern city of Los Angeles. The result is both personal and global.7:30 p.m. in Macey Center. 


For tickets and more, please visit http://www.nmtpas.org

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