CSE Speaker Series - Jun Zheng

Date: Fri. 21 Oct, 2016 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Duration: 1 Hour
Location: Cramer Hall

On Friday, October 21, in Cramer 221 at 11:00 am, Dr. Jun Zheng from NMT will discuss "Dissecting Android Pattern Unlock." Pattern unlock is one of the entry protection mechanisms in Android system for unlocking the screen. By connecting 4 to 9 dots in a 3×3 grid, the user can set up an unlock pattern which is equivalent to a password or a PIN. As an alternative to the traditional password/ PIN, the visual pattern has gained its popularity because of the potential advantages in memorability and convenience of input. In this talk, I will present the security threats facing by pattern unlock and its security weakness. Then I will describe our solution and some related work on how to improve the security of pattern unlock.

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